To measure what you have done is important, Business Benchmarking solves two issues, firstly to analyse your business and see what you’re doing and how it’s affecting your goals. Secondly, it helps to track what your performance is in line with industry standards Benchmarking is the best way to analyse what has happened, allowing you to plan for the future.


Bookkeeping and Accounting packages offered allow any client using any of the top 4 accounting packages to hand it all over to us, for the fraction of a fulltime bookkeeper, or saving yourself hours each week, let someone who knows their way around the tricky maze of software packages help you out. From processing payments, paying wages, entering invoices, reconciling bank accounts to sending out invoices and chasing your debtors. We offered a tailored solution for you to make life easier.


What are you going to spend and on what? Will it return to your business more than you spend? Budgeting is crucial, at any level it provides you with boundaries. We will help set the budgets with you so if you stick with it, you will achieve the end result you want.

Cash Flow Forecasting

What happens if...

How much do you need to make to cover costs? Cashflow forecasting allows you to set your budgets and shows how much you’re going to need to cover the quiet times, how you can average out your income to even out your cash inflows and make the year as smooth as possible. You will know if you do X you will achieve Y.

Management Consulting

Are you leading by example? Our management consulting ensures the business has the direction and systems put in place to provide the guidance employees need. Everyone in the business manages something and if it's not done effectively the business will suffer. Make sure your resources, are optimized to enable the best possible performance.

Office Duties

Systems, Systems, Systems. Our specialised organisation processes — implemented in any business will ensure anyone new or existing in the business can perform any function. When a critical member is away or leaves these systems can be given to the new person who can step by step cover the process and complete it properly.

Payroll Services

Payroll, Awards, changes, nightmares. Our payroll service interprets the awards, pays the right amounts, provides everything with your required to provide and prepare and eliminates any fears when WorkCover or the ATO knock on the door. It takes all the time and effort out of processing the payroll and makes sure it is processed 100% correctly.

Software Solutions

Each software package has its own benefits and problems, we can help you work out which one is the most effective for you, and will ease the burden on your business. The majority of these programs are accounting programs that have been tweaked for small business, hence it can be a minefield if you select the wrong one.

Strategic Planning

Now you have a business and its running effectively, how and when are you going to get out of it, what’s your exit strategy. Is your business set up to minimize legally the tax you need to pay, how are you going to grow? Do you need to get bigger or do you need to be smaller and more profitable? Strategic planning covers so many areas, ultimately you need a strategy for every aspect of your business, and more than likely you have one, we can work with the current process, help make it better and make sure you are aware of how this strategy is going to be affected or effective in the future.